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my phone does not work

Callers are not able to hear me when I speak. I can hear them. The  phone  works with  bluetooth  headphones just fine but i can't  get it to work as a regular  phone. Help!!

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What phone do you have?
Sounds like something might be blocking the microphone on your phone, check near the bottom and make sure their is no dust around there.
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If you could state what phone you have we could better help you through this problem 🙂 Also if nothing is blocking your speaker like Mathieu stated, try doing a back up of your device and doing a factory reset. Chances of this working aren't good because it sounds like it could be a hardware issue. If you do all the troubleshooting and it still doesn't work, I would look into seeing if your device is still covered under warranty or if you have extended warranty protection you could get it fixed that way. Depending on how old the device is of course.