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My parents' old Motorola W385 will no longer be usable as of Jan. 31.

My parents' old Motorola W385 will no longer be usable as of Jan. 31.  I have already bought them a new phone compatible with the network and installed the Koodo SIM card, which the Koodo staff at a kiosk programmed with their number. It's working fine.  I'm wondering what to do about the old phone. Do I need to officially deactivate it or take it off their account or will it just "die" when the network shuts down and I don't need to worry about it? 

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The phone itself won't "die", you can still use it for any non-phoning or texting functions (if any actually exist).  The phone number/account balance has already been switched over to the new phone.  You can find out if there are any phone/electronic recycling depots where you live and drop it off there.  Some Staples locations have those.
Thanks for the clarification.  I knew the phone itself wouldn't actually die, but I was wondering why it still functioned and showed the number even after the SIM card was installed in the new one.  I figured that once the new phone made contact with the network, the old one would be disconnected, so to speak.  I suppose it's because they're on different networks, and I presume that issue will resolve itself as of Feb. 1.  
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It's also CDMA and it's been many years now but I believe that the old phone doesn't update unless you transfer it to a different line as well. I'd get rid of all personal info and put it in electronic recycling or hang onto it for something like samaung's 200 dollar rebate for bringing in any phone type thing.