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My nexus 5 won't charge completely

Hi, my nexus 5 won't charge completely, i put it on at night and in the morning it's only 62%, it dies very fast too and I don't have time to charge it because it takes forever , what can I do?

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Try using a different outlet and charger. It will help you troubleshoot what's wrong.
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To add, when you least use your phone, put the Nexus 5 in airplane mode or power the device off completely while charging for a few nights a week. This may help to condition the battery to accept a full charge.
Hi Tara,

If you have already tried to restart your device, you could also restore it to the factory settings. To prevent losing your data like contacts and photos, please make sure you back up your device properly. If the reset is not helping and your phone is still under warranty, please take your phone with a proof of purchase (the agreement or the bill) to a Koodo store. Here is where you can find the nearest from you: http://koo.do/IX6h7U.
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