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My moto G3 takes along time to start up when I turn it off and other issues

My moto G3 takes along time to start up when I turn it off....it can literally take up to 20 minutes to start and it always says initilizing 1 of 1. As well it always says low memory when I have a 32 gb memory card in my phone. I took it too koodo last week they hooked it up to a program they have and can't find anything wrong with it. Also i f I am watching a video online or opening an article to read it will either stop playing of close the article. I was wondering if  anyone else has these issues with their phone? Will Koodo exchange it I have had it about 7 months

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Hello Mandy.

Unfortunately, Koodo won't exchange it. Have you tried restoring the phone from scratch? Make a backup of all important data before tho!
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Hi Mandy,

Seems like your Moto G is trying to update its software but you are running low in internal memory. Your SD card only hold Media such as pictures and videos, also part of App Data. As Robert suggested, do a back up of your phone. You can do so by plugging your phone to a computer, Android Device Manager should pop up or you may have to install it from Google, and move all important files to your computer such as pictures, music, etc. Once this is done, you will have to remove the SD card. Then you go to settings, find backup and reset, hit factory data reset.

Please note, your text messages, apps, and contacts will be deleted but when you re-enter your gmail username and password, it will automatically do a restore of your contacts. For apps, you will need to go in Google play, click My apps, and you can re-download your apps. Or if you do a wifi back up, it will ask which back up you want to restore.

It will help if you are at home, connected to a wifi connection, and have your charger handy. This process may also take a while, up to an hour.

Hope this helps.
thank you I am going to try this tonight and let you know if it works

Just a note I did this last week and it worked...Thank you