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My LG G3 was making phone calls fine yesterday morning. Then all of a sudden it stopped connecting to the network.

My LG G3 was making. Phone calls fine yesterday morning. Then all of a sudden it stopped connecting to the network it will find all the metworks, but says there was a problem connecting & to try again later. What should i do? The only thing i havent done is restored my phone. If that doesnt work what are my options?

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Have you modified something in the settings before that started happening? What have you tried to do to solve the problem until now? Have you removed the SIM card and closed the phone?
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Make sure that your network isn't set to 2G (GSM) only. This should be in your cellular network settings menu under preferred network type. Make sure that either 3G (HSPA/UMTS) or LTE is selected.
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Hey! Is the issue fixed? In which area do you live in? Keep us posted! 
No, I took it into the best buy I purchased it from & they told me my best bet is taking it to a koodo store, however I did not buy the extended warranty so I am not sure if that's a possibility. I did put my sim card into an older koodo phone & there was no problem connecting to the network.
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If your sim is working with different phone, it could be your phone.

If your phone is under 1 year, it should covered under warranty if it not physical/water damage. Koodo will send your phone for repair.

I would go to the nearest Koodo store and talk to them. They have a test sim to see if your phone works properly too. 
Okay awesome, my phone is under 1 year. I bought it in September.