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my knok code dont work

put knock code but dont work

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Where did you get a knok code?
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Chad Burr wrote:

Where did you get a knok code?

From a balk market knok code dealer...
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Try setting it up again with a simple 4 corners one to see if it will work now. What phone is it your using?
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What phone do you have, and does not work in what way?

Won't work at all (won't set the code), or you are locked out of your phone and can't get in?

*Edit* I really wish people who post on here for help/issues would at least provide SOME information. My crystal ball is broken.
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Hey Sylvain

Is it an LG phone by any chance? Here's a handy link: http://koo.do/2tbyRBK if you forgot the Knock Code on an LG phone (click on "Forgotten Knock Code") and follow the steps after 5 unsuccessful attempts to unlock it with your Google account. The instructions should also work for the Knock Code on a Samsung device.

Hope this helps!