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My kids are driving me nuts!!!!!!

If I call my kids on the phones that I pay for and they not want to answer me, I would like to be able to dail a number or put in a code that will have my kids phone making loud farting noises, my voice saying pick up pick up pick up, alarm beeping until they pick up.

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Lol well I think there might be an app that forces them to put in a code or password to answer the phone if its from a specific # but you'd have to look into their phones' specific app markets.
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actually there is an app for that, lol you can remotely lock their phone, all calls/texts/dats is turned off until you unlock it. You can specify which phone number they can call while its locked ie: Your number, so they can call you back to get it unlocked http://ignorenomoreapp.com/
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Hmm, I'd just take their phones away and force them to stay home until they learn to answer 😉