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My incoming caller ID is almost always formatted wrong.

Lately I keep getting phone calls of which the caller ID is formatted 011-306-123-4567. Is this a setting in my phone that's wrong, or is there something odd with Koodo? It used to work ok. Obviously, it's not a big issue, but pretty annoying when you have a missed call, and you have to fiddle around to get the proper number to call back into your dialer. I'm not abroad and the calls come from people in the same same province. Help?

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Hey Mark! You're right...that's odd! You can call our tech support by dialing 1-866-995-6636 (option 6) from a landline in order to have your phone available for a complete troubleshooting. Thanks. ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.
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Which phone are you using? Are the contacts saved with the "011"? Sometimes separate #'s get saved for the same contact. go to Contacts.Google.com & log-in with your Google account. Then, in the search field, type in "011". That'll easily show you if there's any contacts with a "011" in their contact # then you can change it there & it'll sync to your phone in a few minutes.
This is happening to me as well and these folks calling me are not contacts. It always comes up with 011 regardless if its a local or long distance call