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my ignored payment

On my bank statemenr, it says that I paid my bill forJanuary, but my app says that I owe money from January and Febuary on my next Bill. It's too early and my head is starting to hurt by filling with rage. Can anyone help me wirh this?

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How long ago did you make the payment? Online banking payments require about 2 business days before they show up in koodo's systems. If your payment was received after the new bill generated, it does not get updated. If you are sure the paymentwould have been received before the due date, call koodo with the details of the payment (date made, amount of payment, which bank, confirmation number) and they will have the bank trace the payment. This is a customer forum, nobody here can see your account so the best we can do is an educated guess.
I transfered money through RBC, as per usual. I transferred $70.00 to Koodo with the transfer # 6194

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Telling us the confirmation number won't help, we're customers like you. You'll need to call koodo and tell them.
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Maybe that $70 wasn't enough to cover all outstanding amount? Or you already got your Feb bill.