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My husband and sister can't text me because their texts are going to someone else. Also, I am receiving texts from unknown callers.

I want my contacts to be able to text me. I don't want to be receiving texts from strangers who have my number.... Also, my daughter's phone was switched from Bell, but when we put your SIM card in it says it needs to be switched on...

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Unfortunately numbers are at a premium. And are usually recycled shortly after the previous owner switches out. Sometimes the number you get has already been used. In that situation your options are to block those texts on a device level or change your number. Did you recently switch to koodo (like in the last day)? Your port over may not be complete yet. What do you mean the bell phone needs to be switched on? What is the actual message the phone tells you. Did you ask bell for the unlock code for her phone before you switched?
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Are you able to text and call d receive texts and receive calls?