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My HTC One V not finding the koodo network.

  • 15 December 2013
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I bought an unlock code for my HTC One Koodo phone and tested a new ROAM sim (for use in the USA). Everything seems good and the sim looks like my unlock code is good. I turned off my phone, removed my ROAM sim and inserted my koodo sim back into the phone. It now doesn't seem to find the koodo network. Shouldn't it ask me for a password? The wifi works ok, but no network. Just an x over the 5 shaded bars. In the Settings, the mobile network says disconnected because the service is unavailable. Any suggestions.

7 replies

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Did you try resetting the APN to default?
APN is set to sp.koodo.cpm with a lock symbol at the beginning of the name. I don't see a place to select a default.
sorry, that's sp.koodo.com
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Under mobile network make sure selection isn't set to manual, if it is, set it to automatic. If it is set to automatic already, change it to manual and scan for Koodo.
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You did put the cover back over the sim card, right? On the HTC One V it's part of the antenna.
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Don't know if this will apply to you, but one thing I had to do with my GN3 when I updated to 4.4.2, I had to select "Telus" as my network and then under the Access Point Name I had to select "Koodo SP" as it defaulted to Telus SP all the time for some reason then I rebooted my phone with the Koodo Sim inside my phone. Good luck mate !
Problem fixed. It was the cover. I had not put it on. When I put it on, it worked perfect. Thanks so much.