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My Galaxy Ace 2 started getting the Activity phone is not responding message

as my title says   just started recently   i can dial the number but nothing happens then the phone will vibrate twice and then i get the message

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Hi Roy,

Seems like a software issue with your phone. If you have restarted it already with no luck, I would recommend you do a factory restore of the phone.
yes i have restarted it a couple of times i will factory reset it
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On another note. The Galaxy Ace IIx is antiquated at this point. If you have some tab room or some cash I'd highly recommend an upgrade to maybe a Moto G (any generation), or LG G3, or if you can swing it maybe any of the Galaxy S4 or above. There are a ton of quad core or higher processor devices on Kijiji at a great price. The device you have now doesn't have much future juice left. IYKWIM Just ny two cents.
yes it seems to be dieing  tab is almost done getting a new phone I want one that can play games and is fast ty for the info
i want it for gaming mainly  which 1 of these is better  the MotoG Plus or the Galaxy S5 Nero
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Hi Roy,

Both phones are great but they have different specs, your best bet would be to compare them and even test them at a store per example in order to make sure which one you find comfortable.

Hope this helps !