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my galaxy 3 the battery use to be good but lately it only last for half a day

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How long have you had the phone, it may be time for a new battery? Are you using it more frequently or turning the brightness up more than you use to, or playing games now that you didn't before, all of those will take more battery than other things?
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Hi there Rene...

I would say is normal that your battery drains faster now... With the usage the battery tends to last less and we have to charge it more frequently... I do charge my phone twice a day...

What you can do is, lower the screen brightness, turn off wifi when you do not need it, turn off gps, close the apps running in the background, making sure that when your not using your phone the screen is locked.

You can also go into settings / battery, to see what are the apps that use the most out of your battery and then take steps to save battery life...

I guess this will help, but I think as well is completely normal specially if you use your phone quite a bit...
Let the battery die completely and than charg it 100% don't unplug till 100% and keep the brightness in the middle it worked for my phone