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My data shut off even though I have 3 gb left, i've only used 401mb but it has still shut off my data. What's going on and how do I fix it?

I have a Samsung 8 with a 3GB data plan and unlimited calling and texting, my data renewed itself on December the 1st after using it all up earlier in november. But I got a message earlier yesterday that I had used up all of my 3000mb of data (which I am aware is 3gb) but my phone says i've only used 401 MB and that is all that i've used. But my data has beem shut off anyways. How do I turn my data back on?

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Can you look in self-serve to see when the data was used and to confirm that you did use all of it?
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Also if not set to your bill date, the data counter on your device can be wildly innacurate.