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my data is off. is it just my phone or it is a general problem

  • 10 March 2014
  • 2 replies


2 replies

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It's not a general problem, Marielle, so I have to conclude that it might be your phone 🙂 To troubleshoot we need more information though: what phone, when did it start happening, what plan are you on etc?
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DID you just set up the account and have you ever had data working on your phone? If it's a new account and data has not worked since setting up there may be a data block on your account Have you recieved a text that you've used your data limit for the cycle? Is it an unlocked phone you brought to Koodo or did you buy the phone from Koodo? If you brought the phone to Koodo you may need to manually input the APN settings of koodo into the APN settings area of the phone.