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My Data has been temporarily put on hold as it says I have used my limit. Not .25data 369 texts and 162 minutes

My Data has been temporarily put on hold as it says I have used my limit. I pay an additional $10 for 2GB the kudo service rep in the mall says Kudo doesn't have a Data plan. He was quite shocked to see my data was turned off, that's because I only us it when connected to wyfi. I have an automatic connection to shaw hot spots and have to turn my data on to send pic on messaging but not to receive emails or connect to the web. I have a Moto G

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What plan do you have? I don't know if Koodo ever had $10 for 2GB. What message did you received before your data become on hold?
CAN Data 2GBUnlimited min $60.00  april 2013, looks like a $5-00 charge on my last bill. I only use data when connected to wyfi. I think its an android thing. I have turned my data limit off.

It was asking to approve mor charges for more data.

Nope still telling me I've reached my limit.

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With 2GB monthly, you should not need to ration your data. Unless you are streaming video or music to your phone, 2GB is a LOT of mobile data. Might you have strayed to a location where you connected to a US cell tower, and are paying for either US data or US texts? Commonly a $5 fee is associated with texting from a US destination.

Can you share the exact wording of the TXT message you received?

Oh, and the usual cut off for data overages is $50 worth according to CRTC.