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my data and text messages have been dissapearing into the ether. what can i do.

Texts and data have been dissapering, either not being sent or received or deleted from Koodos system. This is quite frankly a deal breaker. I have spoken to other Koodo customers in my area, and many say it is a problem with the use of the Rogers network, however no solutions have been found.
The most recent date and time of a failed text that i have recorded is August 3rd at 10:31AM. The failed picture texts were on the 1st of June after 7:45 but before 8.
It was once apparently tested and I was told "we tested the issue and realized that you are right and that the message gets downgraded to 0KB." by customer care however they want me to call and i cannot get someone from the phonecall look into any sort of e-mail history. My most recent e-mail on the 10th of July was ignored and I'm assuming its because the recipient did not care to investigate.

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Does this have to do with the issues you had on your two other posts?
yes, the vanishing picture texts are part of it, and i learned that it is technically supposed to be connecting to rogers but isnt as opposed to it is connecting when it shouldn't. I suppose i could have necroposted a months old thread, but they contain virtually nothing in the way of useful information. I DO have some e-mails that conceivably do but typically get told to call people who have no information about what is in the e-mails causing an impasse.
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Hey B Rex,

In the end have you succeeded contacting our technical support team over the phone? If you did, what did they have to say regarding this issue after they reviewed your account details?

Please keep us posted!
Yesterday evening i contacted Koodo over the phone, as with every attempt we started at square 1 he reset the account to see if that helped anything, and when it didn't we went over times texts had failed, i was put on hold while he read notes left from past people, and we went over the notes and what they actually meant as many were unintelligible or failed to convey what had been said in the call. also a large quantity appears to be missing.
Once he got back he asked me to do what had been done before, which is send things from the expanded network area to see if the problem repeats itself, which would be impossible while i was on the phone with him, as i did not believe i could make calls from the rogers network. I learnt last night that if i dial from Telus and move into Rogers that it will maintain the connection, it simply will not allow me to make a new one. In the end, text messages failed to send as they always do but the call was dropped and i missed the callback.
So for about 2 hours of time invested all i have to show for it is another phone message saying "hey we looked into this, call us" and its back to square 1.
Yesterday morning i tried to call too, but due to the outage i couldn't get anything done. I did get a person who said they would call me back, I waited in Winnipeg to be sure i would have reception and despite a strong connection the whole time I got his message saying he tried multiple times to call me. But no missed calls. This just raises further questions as to if there are problems with the Telus network too.
This morning im going to call and demand a supervisor to see if we can get this handled through e-mail and scheduled phonecalls where i can talk to someone who knows my account. Sadly its not the first time ive tried this...
I receved an e-mail from Koodo today informing me that the data loss problems are caused by the incomplete setup of the extended network. this means that at the moment using the extended coverage over rogers either without a good data connection or without data roaming enabled can cause the sms or mms image to be transerred from the sender-to tellus-to nothingness. Koodo says they are working on a fix but given the difficulties i have had i have no interest in continuing to use their service or giving them the benefit of the doubt. They should have sorted this out before selling the service. A member of our e-mail group for people having this issue has been offered a discount rate for us if we all switch which i will be doing tonite.