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My contacts are not saving in my phone

why when i add my contacts does it save it but when i go into my contacts it is not there?? it shows there name when they text me but not when i look for them in my contacts? .

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Which phone do you have? It sounds like an Android. Go to your contacts list and then hit your menu key > Contacts to display (if that option is there). You may be saving your contacts to either your phone or your SIM card and if you're only showing one or the other, that's why there's a discrepancy.
yes i do have an android... how do i save all of my contacts to my phone
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Hi Samantha, did you try Jonathan's suggestion? Also, which phone do you have? ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.
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When you save a new contact, usually a dialog box appears asking where you want to save it to (Phone, SIM, etc), so select phone. If you selected SIM, as far as I am aware, that does not work on the Ace II X. I've tried importing contacts from the phone to the SIM card on an Ace II X for a customer and it doesn't work...