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My APN will not save!!?!

I'm frustrated that I bought a Samsung Galaxy III from Telus, activated w/ Koodo, & have had to manually enter the steps from your site "How to Unlock Your Phone" every day (at least twice a day) for 2 MONTHS! Your tech support has said it's a Samsung issue, and Samsung has said it's a Koodo issue. The question is, can a Koodo tech support provide a permanent issue to fix this problem once and for all? Or do I have to deactivate my Koodo service. Why is this even happening if I'm using a phone purchased from your parent company

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Koodo tech support can only assist you with entering the settings into the phone. If they will not save, or if they keep getting wiped, that is an issue with the firmware in the phone and the only fix would be to reflash it with different firmware. Telus mobility is also a SISTER company, not a parent company. Koodo is not owned by telus mobility, koodo mobility and telus mobility are both owned and operated under the telus umbrella.
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Here is an article that further confirms Timo's explanation. http://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/apn_getting_cleared_on_reboot_android_galaxy_s3
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Update the Android OS software to Jelly Bean 4.1.2 and then try it should work.
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It's happened to me before on a Samsung Nexus S back in the day & for me what I did was delete all the APN's then enter one manually. Also, have you done a Factory Reset? I hate to recommend that, but in your situation it might address the problem you're experiencing.