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My 13 month old Samsung Galaxy S3 will not charge over 40% overnight

13 month old S3 will charge 30-35% in 12 hours. Shows 100% initially, but turn on the phone and shows only 30-40%. My selling kiosk says if it's over 1 year he can't help. I have 2 s2's and this s3 with koodo. I think it is the charging port on the phone. Any advice or help?

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Try another charger and another outlet. Also try removing the battery/SIM, putting it back together, rebooting, and then charging it again.
I have tried a different charger and cable, I will try the other suggestions and answer with my results. Thanks for the quick reply. Chris
Tried suggestions with no success. I have been charging for 2 hours and battery level is at 11 %. Hasn't gone up at all.
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The battery needs to be replaced. The battery is also beyond the warranty period so you will have to pay out of pocket. Samsung phone batteries are available online at some big box chain retailers or on Amazon and eBay Canada.