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music player with bluetooth

bluetooth works with phone, but music player scans and scans,cannot find it same blue tooth with phone. samsung gallaxy ace 2

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What Bluetooth model is it?
jabra bt2080
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Maybe check play store for a different music manager. Also the Ace iix has issues really functioning well. If you have a lot of media it may take forever for your phone to register your music library. You may want to consider an upgrade at some point in the near future.
I will thanks
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From the tech specs, the only profiles that the Jabra BT2080 supports are headset and/or hands-free. It does not support streaming audio (A2DP). Most newer Bluetooth devices include the A2DP profile which defines how multimedia audio can be streamed from one device to another over a Bluetooth connection. See heading 'Supported Bluetooth profiles'. Jabra BT2080 http://www.jabra.com/~/media/Product%20Documentation/Jabra%20BT2080/Technical%20Specifications/Technical_Specification_Jabra_BT2080.pdf Jabra BT8040 w/A2DP http://www.jabra.com/~/media/Campaigns/VIP%20Partner%20Portal/Tech%20Spec/BT8040_TechnSpecs_newvisio.pdf
awsome thanks,going to buy a new one, that one is 4-5 years old