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music in background of call

  • 8 April 2015
  • 6 replies

I have a moto g and lately when I make a call there is music in the background. Not my music either. The person on the other line can not hear it. when I switch to speaker it goes away. so annoying! any ideas?!!?

6 replies

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You're probably (somehow) accidentally pressing play on your music while you're in your phone call.
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Try rebooting your phone, does the music start playing only when you call?
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Are you using a wired headset? Could be the fm radio. Don't remember if Moto G has one but it's possible
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Indeed, it does. The GPE does not, though.
Hey guys thanks for the responses. This is no music I have on my phone last time it was the theme song to Beatlejuice, not on my phone! and the only music I have on my phone is streamed through google play music. This has happened a few times and yes rebooting does stop the problem, till it happens again. I'm not using a headset... It seems like hold music???
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If the problem keeps persisting, although extremely inconvenient if you don't have your data synched or backed up, try restoring your phone to default factory settings. Typically just go in the privacy settings of the phone and you will have the option to erase all data. Hope this helps!