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Multi user LG G3?

  • 5 January 2016
  • 2 replies

I recently got a LG G3 through Koodo and am just wondering where the Multi User option is?  I had an LG G3 on a different carrier before and it had the Multi user option.  It is running the latest version of Lollipop.

Also, does anyone have any idea when Marshmallow will be released?


2 replies

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If your talking about guest mode which is really another user u can limit there control on my old phone i could add them but it was the same thing really but to get it go into settings general and find guest mode if u have a password already u have to set the same kind but diffrent. And 6.0 should be relesed soon it was just released last week for the lg g3 in poland
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Hey Joseph! According to the articles that I found, it seems like this option has been removed with the new Lollipop update and the only option available now is "guest mode".  For the Marshmallow update, as soon as we receive it and test it out to make sure there are no issues with it, we will be sending it out to you guys 🙂