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I have upgraded my plan plan and  got 1000 international LD minutes. I
have called one international call, but when I checked my uses in self
service I could not find any international LD minutes box--- I have data uses, Airtime uses and messaging boxes, but no international LD minutes boxes. How do I truck my international LD minutes uses?

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From usage page > Click view details on Airtime > And Click drop down menu "Show" All Activity on the top right on the call details >
Click Long distance
1000 international LD minutes you can not track with call details filter. It's count as free anytime minutes. Ones you pass your limit koodo will charge you 0.50$ / minutes.

You have to count manually all your LD minutes to make sure you not pass your limit. Ones you pass it will ost you 0.50$ / minutes.

Filter in call log not showing LD call and minutes . I do have same plan and I can not track. asked question via Twitter@koodo but no reply yet. CSR told me 1000 LD minutes not trackable at all. Nighter koodo stop international service ones you reach your 1000 min limit. It is very disappointed but it is as it is. We as a user suppose to know our plan statistics to check and Control our bill. But in this case we have chance of surprises bill epically customers have 1000 minutes international LD promotion.
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Last billing cycle I used 101 LD international minutes. But in selfserve it's show me one call not all which they charge 0.50$ because I passed my limit.