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Moving to my own account

I am almost 21 and finally getting life in order. When I purchased my phone back in November I was supposed to go to my own account and they didn't do it so I was stuck on my mom's account still and we're looking at getting me moved over to my own. Tried going into store and they said I have to do it over the phone. Now I work for a call phone company (not koodo) and if this is going to be anywhere near as much of a hassle as it is for my customers who get this done. I'm going to go mad I don't want to be transferred all over hecks half acre and have to be transferred to activations then back to the individual accounts blah blah. And to find out I have to have the primary account holder there with me when I'm an authorized user. I would just like to get this done and over with. How do I go about it?

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Sorry you had a bit of a runaround, Samantha, but it is quite true, you can only transfer your account with the primary account holder present. On the positive side, it will only need to be done once and then your line is on your very own account 🙂
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Hey Samantha 🙂

Sophia's right! What you are trying to do is called a transfer of ownership. Since the account is under someone else's name, the account owner needs to call us in first and initiate the transfer. All she has to do is say that she wants the phone to be put under your name, and we will enter your name in the appropriate section in the account. 

To be able to initiate the transfer, the account has to have been active for more than 90 days and needs to be in good standing (no past due). Once the transfer is initiated, you will have 10 days to call us back and complete the transfer. We will perform a credit check http://koo.do/LRgn8M with you over the phone and if everything goes through, your line will be transferred from her name to your name :) 

Hope this helps!