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Moving to Manitoba using Unlocked Oneplus one

I currently have a Oneplus one unlocked on Telus with balance of $200.00 OWING to me from a pay and talk account that accumulated. My first question is can my accumulated money be transferred to Koodo? NEXT question is employment is taking me too Manitoba and will need my phone out there but when I come back here to visit want to use my phone here as well. What do I do to make the switch from Ontario to Manitoba? I would like to get everything switched before I go. Appreciate any advice/help.

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No you can't bring any money accumulated from Telus to Koodo they are two completely separate companies just owned by the same people. As far as getting a Manitoba # before leaving it's impossible, you will need to go to a kiosk when you get there and have your own Manitoba address with you. This is to avoid people scamming the system and trying to get the Manitoba plans that live elsewhere in the country. Once you move back and they see this you will have to get a plan for whatever province you move back to after you leave Manitoba.
Thank-you for the quick reply.
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Note that Coverage is not ideal outside of Brandon and Winnipeg