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Moving my SIM card into new phone not working

Hey, I'm trying to move my SIM card from my old Moto X play into my iPhone 6 plus, but it says that it is not accepted in my iPhone and that I need to change it through my carrier. So I tried to fix it through Koodo self serve, by choosing change phone, but it says that I need to enter a new SIM card number, but I am using the same SIM card, what do I do? Thanks in advance.

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Hello Geof,

Is the iPhone unlocked?
yeah, it is
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Geoffrey Jiang wrote:

yeah, it is

What is the exact message the iPhone is giving you?
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To move a sim from one phone to another, that in itself does not require doing anything through self-serve. Make sure the iPhone is:
  • Not locked to another carrier (your reply suggests it's not)
  • Not blacklisted
  • Not on airplane mode or any settings issues
  • Not defective (try with different sim card from different carrier)
Never mind, I fixed it, thanks for all the help guys.