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motorola x model xt1060 won't register on Koodo.

Just got this phone from an eBay vendor in the US. The ad said that the phone is unlocked so i assumed it'll work on Koodo. I receive the phone today and i can't get it to work. I can't even set up an APN with Koodo's details as it won't save the data. Any help?

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From the model number it's a verizon model and will not work on Koodo unfortunately.
sorry it's a xt1050. does that make a difference?
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Hey Soroush! What do you mean by you can't get it to work? Are you getting a no service signal?  You can check if your phone is compatible with our network here (http://koo.do/1aU1u0o) but it won't tell you if it's unlocked.  Keep us posted! 
Thanks for your reply Melissa, I used the service and it says my phone should work on Koodo. 
My initial problem with getting it to register on Koodo network is resolved, the problem now is to keep the phone connected to the network. It keeps dropping signal for long periods then connects itself back to the network for a few seconds before getting disconnected again.
Another problem we had at the store today was adding Koodo's APN settings to get my data going on the phone. We couldn't add a new APN setting! We got the screen up where you add in the values for proxy server etc, but when we pressed the save button the phone kept pushing us back to the list of APNs, having not saved the work we had just done. 
I hope this explains my problems with it at the moment. Thanks for your time.