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Motorola one hyper is hybrid dual hybrid sim on koodo?

  • 6 August 2020
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I am about to buy Koodo Motorola oner hyper version. Before that I have a question regarding Its connectivity. Is it dual sim since I have to travel diffrent countries where I need to but local sim.

Please help me.

2 replies

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Unless it’s a phone that’s onyl available dual sim, you can always expect it to be a single sim phone when sold in Canada. On Koodo’s site it only says “nano” for sim card. I would expect it to be single sim. There is a “hybrid” dual sim variant, but I doubt that it is for sale through a carrier.

Do you really need the dual sim? Is it for multiple overseas numbers at once or to still have a Canadian number available while you’re traveling? I would use a voip app to have a Canadian number if you must be available to be called. It’d likely be much cheaper for the data use.

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If not, you can get an iPhone or another phone that has eSIM capabilities.