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Moto z play hardware issues

Hi I currently have a Moto z play that was purchased back in November, been a great phone the last few months, but lately the phone has lost all finger print reader settings/use, and now the last month the phone has been looking internet connection randomly throughout the day and Bluetooth connection randomly also but not quite as frequent. Any suggestion on how to fix? Or is this a hardware problem that would be covered under the Koodo 1 year manufacturer warranty? Thanks Greg.

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Hi Greg, have you tried factory resetting your phone? This will wipe your phone, so be sure to backup anything important before performing the reset and check that automatic restore is enabled. A factory reset may remedy the problem. Instructions on how to perform a factory reset are shown in the link below. Let us know if this resolves the problem.

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If it doesn't solve your problem, then it might be a case to file under warranty claim