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Moto X? Pure Edition?

Curious of whether we could expect the Moto X through Koodo? Hopefully the Pure Edition? And that being said, other new (non Samsung) Android devices?

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No news as yet, Mike and Koodo has a reputation NEVER to spill the beans until the deal is finalized 😛 Keep your eyes glued to Facebook or this community and you'll be the first to know 😃
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Your wish has come true Mike, if you haven't seen the Moto X Play is now available at Koodo and it's an extremely impressive device for the price, if you need an upgrade definitely check it out, especially since right now there's a bonus.gift of $100 or a Moto 360 smartwatch.
Looking for Moto x style or pure.
I had read (not confirned) that the Pure/Style is not coming to Canada.

I guess one can go to the States and buy one, but I would assume no support (I also assume one can buy it outright from Motorola and have it shipped to a post box)