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Moto X Play went for a swim, what do I do now?

I dropped my Moto X Play in the river yesterday. I jumped in after it and fished it out. It will buzz but it won't turn on. I took it to a repair shop that deals in water damage. They think it needs a new screen. (It had a crack in it) At what point do I accept that it is dead and what do I do with my Koodo Tab? How do I replace it?

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That is tough to say. Generally speaking the whole thing would practically be toast if it was in a river. You certainly could try swapping out components until it works, but that unfortunately gets very expensive very quick.

So you say it won't turn on at all? Or is it just that the screen won't turn on? Were you or the shop able to confirm that it turns on? Because if it's just the screen, the phone will certainly still turn on. Then I would personally go with replacing the screen.

You will unfortunately have to continue to pay off your tab. You would replace it by either buying a phone from Koodo or going somewhere else to get a replacement phone if you decide to.
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Hi Rachel. Its up to you if you want to shell out to replace the screen. I would stick it in some rice for a few days. and if your willing to, replace the screen as the vibrating is a good sign that there is still some kind of life going on in the phone. As for your tab like Goran stated above. You still have to pay it off to be able to get a new phone on tab with Koodo. The crack in the screen most likely let a little more water in than normal but it could still be salvageable.
The repair shop guy said he had the LED lit up at one point and it still buzzes when the power button is pushed. So there is power available. But like you said swapping parts will get expensive fast and if I have to buy a new phone, plus pay off this one, that's a heck of a lot of $$ 😞. I just don't know whether to take a chance on repair or write it off.
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Ususally repair shops will be able to give you a quote before you agree to the work. See how much it is then decide from there. FYI: Best Buy has the Teal model on now at 240$ so if that and your current tab is less than the repair (which could very well be), I'd recommend getting a new one instead of fixing.
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Mathieu wrote:

Ususally repair shops will be able to give you a quote before you agree to the work. See how much...

Staple is selling the Asus Zenfone 2 Laser for $279.00. I think this is a better option.

Put it in plain white rice to soak up the miostuure.
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For future reference if a phone takes a dunk in water do not try to turn it on and if on turn it off immediately. Then do the rice trick mentioned a couple times above and wait for a day or two then try to turn it on. I believe the Moto X Play has a nanosecond coating to help with splashes of water so you may have gotten lucky with only the display damaged indeed.