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Moto X Play Quick Question

Just wondering if anyone has had any hands on with this phone in the past while.

I'm looking to upgrade to a new phone (From a Samsung Note 2) in the next coming months, and I'd prefer a more vanilla Android experience.

The main reason I ask, is I'm looking for a good Android phone with good battery life.  I recently picked up Ingress a couple weeks ago, and the battery life on the Note 2 is seriously lacking (Even with Power Saving mode on).

Is this worth the pick up?  Or is there another Android phone carried by Koodo I should look at as well?

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Paul has one! He'll probably chime in later 😉 From what I've heard though it's a pretty solid device. It's not the absolute fastest phone, but it's relatively snappy. It also has a great camera, and the battery typically lasts a day and a half of moderate use from what I've heard. 
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I just got one about a week ago and love it. It feels like a flagship and leaves little to be desired you will not be disappointed.
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I can also say Ive had one for the past week or so and have quite enjoyed it. The battery life is great, screen looks good, and the camera works really good. Theres a couple things I miss about the customizability on my old G3, but now that I'm used to it I really like the Moto X Play.
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I want to try one. I think the processor is the only choke point on the device but it's a good price.
Lg g3 is the best for you!
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its your best bet if your not looking to spend alot of money