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Moto x play pricing.

Hello all,
I am very excited that Koodo will sell the Moto X play, but I am a bit concerned with the price offer.

Motorola says it will cost "about 400$", which puts this phone in a awkward place at koodo. I say that because they sell the LG G3 for 360$ on the tab, a phone that has a better screen, better processor and more ram. 
I know that we will only know for sure once the phone is officially announced, but I was wondering if anyone could give any insight on it, so I could start saving my money (or just get the LG G3).

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There's some main differences: 1. The G3 is already a year old, and LG has had some problems with updating their older phones in the past, so I wouldn't be surprised if Android M takes too long or not at all to get to the G3. It's been price dropped since release which is why it's cheaper. 2. The 801 is a damn fine chip, but you have to give Motorola credit for using the 615 because it's hexa core 64 bit. It's a bit more future proof than the 801 aside from raw performance. 3. On paper the G3 has a better screen, but the resolution was boosted and everything else was neglected. The brightness, contrast, and color reproduction suffered as a result. The Moto X Play has a more manageable screen size and more efficient resolution plus a monster battery. The battery life tests are already coming in very positive. Also I'm skeptical of how well a 20mp camera does after owning an M9 so I'll wait to see some samples on that one. It's moreso about age than anything. If the Moto X Play was a year old, I bet you the retail price on Koodo would be less than $400. They tend to drop retail prices after a while.
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Jonathan I wrote:

There's some main differences: 1. The G3 is already a year old, and LG has had some problems ...

To add to this now that some sample shots are hitting the Web from the Moto X Play OMG they look extremely impressive, the detail and color reproduction are fantastic and it's rear camera even beats out the iPhone 6+ which is very surprising considering the iPhone 6 Plus is so highly touted for its low light capabilities. Videos look fantastic even though it maxes out at just 1080p it's very impressive. I have the Galaxy S6 which is the best camera on a smartphone right now and I'm looking at samples from the Moto X Play that look as good or better than the S6 so I'd grab the Moto X Play without question especially with the $100 bonus.gift or Moto 360 offer going on right now at Koodo kiosks.
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The One M9 uses the Toshiba 20 MP T4KA7 sensor, while the Moto X Play uses Sony’s all new 20 MP IMX230 stacked sensor, the first of its kind with phase detection auto-focus. The iPhone 6 uses a Sony 8 megapixel sensor, though, it too includes phase detection auto-focus. The still images and video I've seen thus far from the Moto X Play are quite impressive and with a battery that reportedly lasts two days, I think this phone is a winner all around! Pair the Moto X Play with the Moto 360 offering and this will be a deal many will find difficult to pass up!
Just an update: I got the phone, and so far I could not be happier!
Moto x Play was in promotion, and on top of my positive tab, ended up getting it for 310$

I love the pure android experience, and IMO, that alone it beats any possible performance advantage the LG G3 could have over it.

Thanks to everyone for the tips! 
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Yeah I'm not a huge fan of the G3's interface. LG improved it a little in the G4 but both Samsung and HTCs look nicer these days and both offer theme engines to customize it further.