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Moto x no service

Used to work fine, but it updated to lollipop 5.0 and it worked for a day then all of a sudden stopped loading the service. Can't receive calls or texts nor send out. What to do??

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Hi Riley,

If you're not able to receive service, turn off the phone completely and remove the SIM card for a minute or two, reinsert SIM card and power the phone back on. If you're still experiencing problems, a factory reset will, in most cases, bring the phone back to normal operation. You can perform a factory reset one of two ways either through the software or by pressing a combination of hardware buttons. The software reset is the easiest and accomplishes the same task as the hardware reset.

Both factory reset methods will wipe all user data from the phone, be sure to backup anything you want to keep, (e.g. music, photos, contacts). If using the software method, make sure you have a backup account (@gmail) and that both 'Backup my data' and 'Automatic restore' are both enabled under the 'Backup and reset' menu option.

To perform a software factory reset go to: Settings > Backup & Reset - tap on Factory Data Reset, tap on Reset Phone and wait for the phone to reboot.

To perform a hardware factory reset:
Make sure the battery has a minimum charge of 50% - turn off the phone completely
Press and hold Volume Down and Power for three seconds and then let go
Select Recovery (use Volume Down to scroll and Volume Up to select)
When you see the Android robot lying down, press and hold Power and press and release Volume Up
Select Wipe Data / Factory Reset by navigating with the volume buttons and selecting with the Power button
Select Yes - Delete All User Data
Select Reboot System Now

Let us know if any of these methods work for you.
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Hey Riley! Does your Moto X have service now? Keep us posted!