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Moto pricing here and abroad

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I got curious about Moto G pricing, so did a little comparison. The original G runs US$180, from both Moto and Amazon.com. Doing foreign exchange conversion and accounting for VAT, the equivalent UK price would be about £130. And although I've seen a nominal £150 list, you can indeed buy it from Amazon.co.uk for £119, and for £129 from Tesco (unlocked) when they aren't matching the £119 price. Similarly, conversion+VAT would indicate a Euro price around €160, and voila, Amazon.de sells it for €159, Amazon.fr for €150, and Amazon.es for €166. No Amazon for phones in Australia, but I've found local offers at the expected price. So whatever additional offers local carriers may decide to provide themselves, those countries can get an unlocked Moto G at "the Motorola price". In Canada, not so much. Amazon.ca does not carry the phone, and as far as I can tell there is NO unlocked Canadian distribution. You can now get Amazon.com (via Amazon Export Sales) to ship from the US for the original G, but this is awkward, much less visible, and costs more. It says something (although I'm not sure exactly what) about the state of the Canadian wireless market that our carriers, uniquely, felt they could afford to pre-emptively buy out any general distribution by Motorola here.

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Incidentally, the new low-end Moto E shows a similarly disturbing Canadian trend. It will be US$129 in the States, and doing the same sort of currency conversion produces a £90 UK price, which it will indeed sell for (unlocked) from Amazon.co.uk and Tesco, and one would assume that other countries will also see something close to "the Moto price" equivalent in their area. In Canada, apparently it will be sold, unlocked, for $179, when a similar currency conversion price would come in around $140. It isn't clear if this is going to be sold only through carriers, and whether the Canadian price was set in consultation with them, but it would seem that Canada will be paying a hefty premium.
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I don't think this has to do with the carriers more than the original company since the company would probably benefit more from direct distribution than having it subsidized through someone else. You can buy Apple products outright from their stores or online in a lot of countries, including Canada. The other issue is the Canadian public is woefully uninformed about any phone that isn't from Apple or Samsung. People don't even know that Android is only the base software for which the other OEMs base their phones on and a lot don't even know about HTC, Motorola, LG, Sony, and so on. Funnily enough I think this would actually help that issue, but it's all about marketing. I have yet to see a big ad on billboards, radio, or TV about any phones except for Samsung and Apple. That's why people know them.
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Jonathan I wrote:

I don't think this has to do with the carriers more than the original company since the company w...

I'm not sure I understand. If you think Motorola would have been better off also providing unlocked phones into the Canadian marketplace (or at least not doing exclusives), they why didn't they? If they are making better money with the exclusives, they why would no other market they sell into have a carrier that saw a similar opportunity. I did a little looking around, and Canada seems to be unique in having only carrier-locked availability for the Moto phones. I don't see how that can't be related our industry environment.
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For the upcoming Moto G LTE, Rogers/Fido will apparently be carrying it, for $225 if you activate it with them month-to-month, and $275 to buy it outright (presumably locked). The converted "Moto price" would come in around $240. There's a CBC.ca story indicating it will be available for "$225, unlocked and off-contract", but I suspect this is a mixup by the reporter, as the price would effectively be less than the US. Motorola has indicated they'll be selling the old G, 16MB unlocked version through Staples for $250. That's a bit pricey compared to what Amazon.ca might theoretically charge, but probably about right for a bricks and mortar list price.
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NorthernRaven wrote:

For the upcoming Moto G LTE, [url=http://mobilesyrup.com/2014/05/13/motorola-launching-lte-moto-g...

A couple of updates. The old non-LTE 16GB G that Motorola is going to be selling being distributed through Ingram (a big wholesaler), and the $250 is a suggested retail price. Presumably Staples and anyone else selling this will be free to bring the price down a bit if they are willing to cut their margin. Also, an "official" ("ships from and sold by") Amazon.ca Canadian listing for the old 8GB phone seems to have popped up - this is the unlocked equivalent of what Koodo carries. It claims "Date First Available: April 25", but I haven't seen it until just now, and I've been looking the last few days. The only previous listings were 3rd party sellers, presumably importing phones from the US. In any case, it claims a list price of $250 and is selling for about $225. Assuming they are selling phones sourced from Motorola Canada, I'm not sure where they are getting that list price from. Since the 16GB version is going to have the same list price, something is funky.