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moto g3 internal storage

The SD card set as internal storage and I have moved as many apps to the card as will allow me to. I have my photos back up to google photos and removed from my device....yet my internal storage is always quite full with very little on the SD card. Are there other items I can move to the SD card? When I get notifications of apps to be updated, I often get a message that I don't have enough space, which is frustrating when I have several GBs of space on the SD card.

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Hi Tim, sounds like you've moved everything you can which is photos /videos, music, apps/games which only move a portion not the entire thing. Only thing to do is delete some apps or games unfortunately, other than that your looking at having to get a phone with more internal Storage if you feel you need all your apps and games you have indtalled.
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The Moto G 3rd Gen, had an 8GB hard drive, but almost 4GB of it was used by the OS.  I would suggest going into your nearest Koodo retailer and upgrading to a newer phone, such as the LG G5 or Samsung Galaxy A5-2017, as they each have 32GB of hard drive
Hope that helps!