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Moto G with white spot in the middle of the screen. Possible to get replacement device?

My 2013 Moto G with Tab has a bright spot in the middle. It happened a month ago and now it is starting to annoy me. Is it possible for Motorola or Koodo to give me a replacement device? Thanks.

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Its almost 1 year old, is it too late?
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You should bring it to your local Koodo kiosk and they can send it away and tell you I'd it's a factory defect that can be fixed under warranty or if it's due to physical damage such as water or a drop/impact of some sort in which it wouldn't be covered under warranty. If it's covered they will fix it and send it back. If it's not covered they will give Koodo a repair cost estimate and Koodo will contact you with the price of the repair and ask you if you want the device to be fixed or just send it back unrepaired. As its nearly been a year since purchase and the warranty is only for 1 year then I'd suggest bringing it to a koodo kiosk asap.