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Moto G purchased outright

Hi, I'd like to buy a Moto G phone outright and activate it as a new koodo customer. But none of your rate plans seem to encompass this option. How can I do this?

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Hi Arthur, You can come to a store and buy it outright. You will need to present two pieces of ID for new activation. This can be your drivers licence and a credit card.
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You can buy the Moto G with a $0 Tab. Shift the slider to the left until it reaches $0 for the Tab value.
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Make sure you call in afterwards and ask for a 10% discount on your plan, Arthur (if you have no interest in building up a Tab for the future, that is) 🙂
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If you go to the store, they can do the 10% discount immediately upon activation (it's basically an add-on box under features that the rep will simply tick).