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Moto g plus or LG 4 which one ?

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Which one is better then the Moto g plus or the LG 4 ? I was looking to get one of them for being almost the same price and same monthly tab , which one will be better future proof, faster ,gaming, less issues, sooner software updates. Thanks.

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Typically pricing will help determine which phone is better.  So if a phone is more expensive than the Moto G Plus or the LG4, then they would be better.

For future proofing, I recommend a Nexus device and iphones (which are updated for up to 3 years).  Motorola is also quick with their updates to the OS
Lg g4 is so much better
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Heard LG is slow on updating there phones is the LG 4 running on marshmallow 6.1 ? How's the camera ?
Yes it is and that cameras great
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IMO, LG G4 is a way better phone and better camera. it was LG's flagship phone last year. the G Plus is a mid range phone at best. since they are the same price right now, the LG makes more sense. BTW, since Motorola is no longer a Google phone, their updates have been slow too

When Moto phones were being released under the Motorola brand, many people bought them simply because they had a plain version of stock Android that received software updates quickly and always ran the latest version of the operating system. Now, the Moto brand is under Lenovo’s control, and slow updates to older phones have led to questions about the company’s commitment to timely updates.
It looks like Lenovo may not be issuing Google’s monthly security updates as quickly as before. The company finally released a security patch for the Moto X Pure a few days ago, after three months of not releasing any security updates. As such, the phone is still running with out-of-date software that’s missing more recent security patches. It’s unclear whether this trend toward slowing updates will cross over to Lenovo’s new Moto Z and Moto G4 smartphones.

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Jay Why wrote:

IMO, LG G4 is a way better phone and better camera. it was LG's flagship phone last year. the G P...

Motorola under Lenovo appears to be aiming for updates every 3-4 months or so. The Moto Z just got a July update. Apparently it's "too hard" to do it monthly now.
LG G4s can have bootloop problems after one or two years. The device is bricked and if it happens after your one year warranty, you're basically screwed. I recently bought a LG G4 but I returned it because LG disabled the FM Radio on their phones, at Koodo's request. So I exchanged it for a Moto G4. It is also quick and snappy and I find the pictures are comparable. In the technical specs, the Moto has a slightly less powerfull CPU and 2 GB of RAM instead of 4GB. However 2GB seems enough (for now), I tested it running several processes (google map navigation + audio streaming to bluetooth + google sheets) and memory use was 70%.