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Moto G. Need to turn off a persistent notification.

I currently am using the Moto G, Android v. 4.4.4. Every time I turn the phone on I am getting a notification as follows: "GPS and Assist: GPS needs to be on and set to high accuracy mode in order to detect your location and activity." I don't wish to turn on the GPS function. Is there any way to prevent this notification from appearing each time the phone is turned on? Thanks

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I get the exact same thing
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Factory data reset. Backup your info and so a factory data reset. I've never seen that notification before and the phone doesn't usually act up unless you get a 3rd party app. Factory reset = Problem solved guaranteed
Think I have a solution without doing the reset. Went to Settings>Apps>Assist then unchecked the Show notifications box. Turned phone off then on - no GPS notification. Thanks for the suggestions.
Worked great thanks M.Conrad