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Moto G locked/unlocked state not captured in backed up images?

  • 3 November 2014
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I've read and re-read forum postings (including responses to my own) pertaining to unlocking the boot loader. From these postings, it seems to me that the locked/unlocked state of the boot loader is not captured in the images in the various partitions that can be backed up, e.g., using fastboot. Basically, even the most complete backup that you do of the virgin phone, including the ISP's variation of the OS, does not include the locked/unlocked state of the boot loader. Can anyone please confirm the correctness of this understanding? Thanks.

3 replies

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This is a question best addressed to the folks over at XDA Developers. It should be a much shorter wait over there to get an answer to a question like this.
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Correct. There is also no way to revert back to a stock 'locked bootloader' status code zero. An unlocked bootloader will report a status code three and a re-locked bootloader will report a status code two.
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Thank you Ivan & Rikkster. I'm good with the info on this thread. I will treat the locked/unlocked state of the bootloader as seperate from the info that is backed up. Basically, I'll stop looking for info on how the [un]locked state can be included in a backup.