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Moto g - False storage space reading

I recently purchased the moto g and overall am pleased with the phone. With all factory settings intact and no applications or downloads installed (out of the box stock), I realized the phone's total space is 5.52GB - not available space but total space. I was under the assumption this phone would be 8GB. Does the operating system consume 2.5GB? In addition, how do I take advantage of the 50GB google drive bonus? Thanks

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Yes, that would be because of the OS. As for Google Drive storage: https://support.google.com/drive/answer/2736257?hl=en
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Just to add, all smartphones are like this it's not something specific to the Moto G. They always market the full storage space of the device but it's always less for the OS and added features. Samsung flagship devices have a very large amount of the storage being taken by Samsung's features like split screen, air view, S-Voice, ect so be aware if ever buying a Samsung handset.