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Moto G cell service

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When I take my Moto G out of cell service it stays out of service until I flip on and off airplane mode. This is fine when I realize that I've gone off the grid but when I don't and miss important calls, its not so fine. Any obvious fixes or is this a Motorola thing?

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ome people have found that the Moto G is unable to detect their SIM card. It may also inexplicably drop service, or detect the SIM correctly only to drop it later. Potential fix: The Moto G takes a Micro SIM, so if you’re using a Nano SIM with an adapter or a trimmed SIM then you might run into troubles. Try using a different SIM to make sure that the card is the problem. If it is then request a new SIM from your carrier, or, if you’re using a Nano SIM then try another adapter.
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Ill bring this up to my local kiosk text time I go into town. Thanks for the suggestion.