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Moto G Audio Effects = No Effect - audio problems

I can't get the native Audio Effects to work properly in my Moto G. The EQ presets don't do anything and neither do the ambient, surround and reverb. Third party apps are no better. Every EQ I have tried either has no effect or, when you boost one channel, everything else drops out instead of the boosted channel getting louder. I have tried different players and different combinations of effects processors. I have uninstalled everything except the EQ I am using but still no improvement. Any suggestions?

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As far as the native eq on the Moto G it should although don't expect much change out of the speaker on a phone. Make sure that it's not set to adjust when using the external output (3.5mm headphone jack) there's one for external speakers and one for internal (speaker on phone)
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I've tried quite a few apps myself, PowerAmp seems to have a decent ten band EQ section with preamp, that actually works. The developer suggests not running Android's Audio Effects in conjunction with PowerAmp, stating that hearable audio distortion will result. You're still given the option to enable Android Audio Effects, to test out on your own. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.maxmpz.audioplayer
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Update was just pushed out today to the Moto G that fixes all the issues ppl have reported in this forum, do head into the settings and check for the update if you haven't been notified yet.
Thanks for the replies folks but I still have NO fix for the EQ problem. The last update made no difference at all. On headphones there is absolutely no difference between any settings or even between Audio Effects On or OFF. Same for with speakers and bluetooth. Third party EQ's, if they work at all, attenuate the frequencies you are not boosting - i.e. if you boost the highs the mids and bass roll off. The sound seems clear so I don't think it is a hardware problem, just no special effects.
PhilThee wrote:

Thanks for the replies folks but I still have NO fix for the EQ problem. The last update made ...

try "DSP Manager Lite" (Free) 1. plug in headphone first (otherwise 2. won't move) 2. in Headset settings: change BassBoost: to :975 change Virtualizer: to :1158 This did the trick for me on Moto G. (my $20 Virgin ZTE AWE sounded great right out of "All default settings") love my moto g's video screen, but the sound sucks by default : ) by the way, save the setting after you're done with 2 above. good luck.
I use the app "music volumen eq" and it works for every output sound (i often use the phone as a música playera through audio connector), but i have another problem, not remates to this app, the audio stops, i've tried to restore android but it doesn't fix the problem ...
Music volume eq app also attenuates (normalizes) the output when you boost a band over zero (middle) level, i didn't found any solution for it, i have to use an external preamp.
I just hit the speakers a few times and now it works perfectly
I see these post are 3 years old. But I have a solution for equalizer and volume booster. Go to play store and get PRECISE VOLUME ( +EQ/BOOSTER ) I have a Moto g4 plus and ZERO apps has not helped me. This app will absolutely work for your phone and there a A LOT of different settings. I think you can get the pro version for 3 dollars. It's well worth it. But you have to make sure you don't have any volume booster apps or equalizer apps. This app goes into your systems settings. And be sure to disable your audio effects app or section on your phone. I've battled with apps for years now. This will work. Good luck and let me know how you like it