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Moto G Android 5.1 upgrade ETA

So Android 5.1 is out for Moto G, however my system upgrade (Moto G 1st gen) says it's still up to date (5.0.2). Seems like the updates are provided by the carrier, and Koodo still isn't providing it. Anyone has an ETA on this? I found nothing on the interwebs.

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Whenever Google releases updates like this it's always very staggered. This ensures that they don't send out a faulty OS to millions of devices at the same time. Just be patient and eventually the update will become available for you. Alternatively, you can always search through XDA forums to see if there's a way to manually flash it. IMHO its better to wait and get the OTA (over the air) update than flash a potentially harmful update to your device but it's your choice.
If you can find a desktop suite (Like a moto desktop program) and update from there.
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From what I see online,   The Moto G gen 1,  5.1 update is not available in Canada yet.
But if you haven't received the Stagefright patch,  you should be getting it any time now.
[i]In order for Moto G devices to get the Android Lollipop update, they must have the latest version of the Motorola Software Updates Application installed. To check the version information or to get the latest update: In Google Play Store app, select the Menu button, then select My Apps. Under Installed apps, you will see Motorola Update Services.

I have a friend that has a Moto g on Bell network (or virgin), the first gen and he has the 5.1 since yesterday. Mine still says up to date.

Hope it will be available soon
Still no Update... any more info on this?
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Finally is right 🙂  
Let us know how it works Corey
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Installed. Now, let's see if anything is different. I hope memory management is better. ... After a few minutes of polling around, it appears that the defaults are pretty much the same. Well or if warranty and this is the last version update, so I may root it and get rid of some things, like hangouts and the default messenger, as the Google standalone im is better. Not sure about battery or phone signal, etc. But, so far, it feels like a brand new phone. Super responsive. Too bad the default launcher didn't allow any configuration (I don't like 5 screens) so it's still Nova ftw. It may be placebo, but it seems that the swipe spelling seems to be more accurate with the Google keyboard. And it's really fast. Before, the phone would lag and lock up when you started to type. Not right now. This whole edit was done on the phone with one finger... This fast. It feels like 4.3 again.
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corey wrote:

Installed. Now, let's see if anything is different. I hope memory management is better. ... Afte...

At least, we are not abandoned. 
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......and.........it freed up about 400mb of space!!!
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Upgraded my wife's phone, i don't know if it's fact, but the screen seems more condensed, more sharp vivid contrast.
Yes, did the upgrade yesterday morning. My battery drained really fast during the day. I searched the problem and it seems pretty comon with the upgrade. Different things are suggested, disable location, which I did, and clear the cache partition. After doing the latter it seems like I have a battery draining speed that's similar to before now; maybe a bit quicker when the screen is on?
I didn't see much difference in the interface.
If you want to clear the cache partition you can follow the instructions there,
however these instructions are outdated, at step #5 you have to hold POWER then hit UP.

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Geoffroy Ménard wrote:

Yes, did the upgrade yesterday morning. My battery drained really fast during the day. I searched...

A second factory reset right after the upgrade completes has always worked for me. You can skip past the initial set up phase to get into Settings/Backup & reset or you can use the hardware button method.
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Sorry to hear that, ours went ok.