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Moto G and Koodo's Marketing Strategies?

  • 19 October 2014
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Let me start by stating emphatically that I absolutely "love" Koodo and have no intention of switching to any other service provider! 🙂 The time is fast approaching for me to upgrade my Koodo cellphone. My current phone has been paid off on the TAB and I now have the need/desire for more capabilities and versatility with my phone. Given the very positive customer reviews for the Moto G, I'm giving this phone some very serious consideration. However, I'm left wondering why Koodo has opted to supply the 8 GB version of the Moto G (1st Gen) and not the 16 GB model (also 1st Gen) or the 4G LTE model (also 1st Gen) which (in the case of the latter) is equipped with an expansion (microSD card) slot for up to 32 additional GB of memory. It should be noted that Fido, Rogers, Wind, and Vidiotron each provide 1st Gen Moto G cellphones which are not limited to 8 GB of memory. (see: http://www.motorola.ca/moto-g-ca-en/moto-g-ca-en.html) By contrast, Koodo has decided to offer a consolation.gift of 50 GB of free Google Drive storage - while the population of the entire planet already qualifies for sizable free cloud storage and students have free "unlimited" storage (see: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2469529,00.asp) At this point in time, with the plethora of apps which are now available, 8 GB of storage simply isn't enough. As well, cloud storage does not remedy the drawback of paltry memory being available for the use of Android apps from Google Play. If Koodo began offering a Moto G (1st Gen) cellphone with enhanced memory capabilities, it is doubtful if the Canadian market would not tolerate a slight increase in the price point. A quick scan of the customer reviews for this phone on Koodo's website would seem to validate this supposition. Users want more memory in the Moto G (either 16 GB of internal memory or else a microSD card slot). Any ideas regarding the mindset of Koodo regarding this observation? Let me close by stating emphatically that I absolutely "love" Koodo and have no intention of switching to any other service provider! 🙂!

4 replies

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I completely agree with you that 8gb is just atrocious for anyone short of a feature phone user that has no feature phone options available since everything has went to smartphones, other than that it's nearly useless. Koodo doeshhave another offering in that price range that they just got which is fairly close to what the Moto G offers however it has expandable storage up to another 64gb through an SD card and that is the new Galaxy Core. Check it out.
Thanks for your input, guys! 🙂 Paul, thank you as well for bringing the Galaxy Core to my attention. Based on comparative data, however, my main concern with the Galaxy Core is that its speed and efficiency for sequential and random read and write operations are quite deficient in comparison to those for the Moto G. Of course, the Moto G has quad-core processing and the Galaxy Core does not. (see: http://www.notebookcheck.net/Review-Samsung-Galaxy-Core-LTE-SM-G386F-Smartphone.114662.0.html). As well, it would seem that the Moto G provides a far more "seamless" experience when video-conferencing (i.e., Skype, etc.) in comparison to the Galaxy Core. This disparity is largely owing to the highly inferior front-facing camera on the Galaxy Core and the often reported issues relating to poor audio quality and reliability. Here are a few technical assessments of these two phones when placed side-by-side: 1.) http://www.phonearena.com/phones/compare/Motorola-Moto-G,Samsung-Galaxy-Core/phones/8208,7837 2.) http://gadgets.ndtv.com/samsung-galaxy-core-532-vs-motorola-moto-g-1129 3.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gETD5CHsblY The Moto G has everything that I want in a budget-conscious cellphone - except for its memory storage limitations. Although I generally agree with the point made by Chris, personally, I would gladly pay a little more coin to obtain this enhancement. Only with increased storage can the Moto G more fully utilize the other outstanding technical features which have brought it to the forefront of the cellphone lineup for this price range. Here is a quote from a recent review of the Moto G: "In fact 2.5GB of storage is taken up by the Android operating system, so if you end up plumping for the 8GB Moto G... you'll only get 5.5GB of physical storage - that's not great."* *Source: http://www.techradar.com/reviews/phones/mobile-phones/moto-g-1199218/review/8#null Perhaps John (above) has hit the proverbial nail on the head. Maybe Koodo's latitude regarding such matters is restricted by its "little brother" relationship with Telus. However, as Chris has implied, this explanation would seem to be challenged by the sheer fact that Koodo does offer higher levels of internal storage memory for the newly released iPhone 6. At any rate, it would certainly be nice to also have a Koodo representative pipe-in on this question - if any happen to be lurking. 😉 Let's start a lobbying campaign to set the Moto G (1st Gen) free by encouraging Koodo to start offering this excellent phone with either a microSD card slot or more internal storage memory! LOL
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I think the Moto G is a phone that is excellent as a beginner - mid range model of phone. Koodo doesn't typically get the larger storage models because I think there's a "thing" between Koodo and Telus that may restrict it? I actually have no idea and I would like to see larger storage models being offered as well.
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I have to think the only reason so far koodo picked lower memory phones is because of the price and how much people (who choose koodo) are willing to pay for said difference in price for extra memory. The tide will have to turn soon as more space is being used up by apps, pics, videos etc. It looks like koodo must be realizing this as well, since they made the 32GB or 64GB version of the iphone 6 available in some stores.