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Moto-G 2013 updated to Android 5.0.2 today

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I downloaded it and now my text messages are not working. Help!
Work fine with Google "Hangout" to replace default "SMS" apps to send text message.
I downloaded it now I can't find my groups under contacts....anyone know how I can access my groups
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Moto G users beware before you update: the silent mode in Lollipop will disable your screen from waking up and the LED notification light from flashing when you receive a text. This is particularily annoying for those of us that need to have our phones on silent while at work but would still like to be able to visually see when a text is received by checking for the flashing LED.
Not overly impressed with the update, Play Store, among other apps are not working properly. Where do we find fixes? Can I go back to the old version until this one works properly?
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I updated today and now cannot make any calls with my phone. I can receive calls and can send text messages and this is it. The data network also does not work - without WI-FI, all applications respond - "no network". I highly do not recommend to upgrade.