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Moto E with yellow screen tint?

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My husband just bought the Moto E 2nd generation last weekend and when I went to use it I couldn't believe how yellow the screen looks compared to my Moto G. Is this normal or should I return it and get another one?

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Hi Beth,

A couple of people over on XDA Developers' website have mentioned this yellowish tint issue as well. One of the posters' mentions that they sent their device back and received a replacement with the exact same yellowish tint. Some are suggesting that the tint will subside over time or to leave the phone in direct sunlight for two hours and it will go away. I don't have a Moto E 2nd. Gen to confirm or deny these 'fixes', though they sound a little farfetched, in my opinion.


If purchased at a Koodo kiosk or retail partner, you're well within the 15 day return period. I think the yellow tint is part of the manufacturing process. The new Moto E will likely have the same yellowish tint as the one you have now. This anomaly doesn't affect the overall operation of the phone, but it may not be pleasing to look at. If you're not happy with the phone, return it and check out some of Koodo's other phone offerings.

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Thanks! I don't know if I should exchange it for a new one or if I'm just so used to looking at my phone that I think it looks yellow when it actually isn't. Maybe I'll go see if I can find a working demo at the store that I can compare it to. Thanks again.