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Does anyone have any feedback on the Moto E, looking to upgrade from the G. Wondering if its an improvement or a hassle?

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It's definitely not an upgrade from the Moto G as it shows its lower specs while the Moto G can stand up damn well to high end devices priced 2 or 3 times the price. You get a couple little features on the E that may make up for the lag and lower resolution display and such like the twist to activate the camera and Moto active display but you can download apps from the PlayStore that give you similar features so IMO they aren't worth the downgrade in specs and performance. Check out the Nexus 5 if your looking for a cheaper device, it's a excellent device for the price unless your loving the battery life your getting out of the Moto G which the Nexus 5 can't compare there.
I can cash in a full tab on the next upgrade, so its banked which is great. I'll definitely look into the Nexus, I find running more apps starts to degrade battery life. I've gone from 3-4 days on a charge to now its like 36 hours if that. Awesome Response!
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Hey man just noticed Koodo is offering a certified pre owned Nexus 5 at some locations for just $250 so you might want to check it out right now if you were thinking King about it because they're limited quantities. Certified pre owned is as good as brand new so don't worry about it if you are. Anyways just thought I'd mention it to ya. Have a good one man.
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Yeah go with a Google Nexus 5. It's a reliable device and definitely an upgrade from your Moto G. A Moto E would be a downgrade.
Right on, Thanks guys. I may check that out. Awesome!